Weakness to Strength

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! We probably recognize these lyrics to a popular song, but they speak truth. The battles God allows in our stories serve a higher purpose. When we press in to him in the midst of them we are strengthened. Just as the rest of this verse from Hebrews 11:34 says, “Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle…” 
Lets ponder that last part– THEY BECAME STRONG IN BATTLE. It doesn’t say God lead these great heroes of faith to gain strength before he lead them into battle. It says that it was in the battle that they grew in strength. 
If you are walking through some things today that test your faith, I encourage you to press in and allow God to grow you through it. And if you’ve been through some battles, pause for a moment and look back to who you were before them and who you are now because of them. Then give God praise. It changes our perspective when we recognize we wouldn’t ask for the things we’ve walked through, at the same time we wouldn’t change them because they made us who we are today.

Amy O’Donnell 


Victory is Yours! 

God is interested in renewing us and making all things new. He is in the business of redemption; not just in the one time act of sending his son Jesus, but in continuously working to redeem every area of our lives. To redeem means to buy back what’s been lost or stolen. 

What’s been lost or stolen in your life? Where have you been used, abused? Where do you need God to redeem you? 

As these things flood your mind, turn and thank Jesus for the victory he wants to bring you in those places. And give him praise that according to his word in Romans 8:37, “despite all these things, overwhelming victory is yours through Christ, who loved you.”