All Work and No Play

Blog1Have you ever been in a season where everything was going right but something felt slightly off on the inside? You couldn’t put your finger on it, but just knew…something is a little out of whack. Perhaps you felt tired… lacked motivation to do the things you love, but knew you weren’t feeling down, just less energetic?

I found myself there this past year. When people asked how I, or my family, were doing – my response was, “We are good.” And we really were – for the most part we had a great year, and personally I saw long awaited promises from God unfold. But inwardly I thought and outwardly I shared with only those closest to me, the sentiment that maybe we just had too many good things happening. So many, that in all honesty our pace felt non-stop. For me, I work two jobs, have four kids, two in select soccer, a high-schooler nearing graduation, friends to keep up with, doctors appointments and dental appointments to keep up with, a house to clean — the list is endless. My husband and I went on date nights occasionally and hung out with friends, sometimes, but our social lives this last year suffered due to our schedule. Our world never stopped.

Or perhaps.. a healthier way to look at it is that we didn’t stop our world of seemingly more important activities enough to enjoy life and friends and laughter and fun. And like the frog in the water, I didn’t perceive the danger of living this way.

So how did I figure out what was going on before it got the best of me? Well first, I asked a few close friends to pray for me – to help me pinpoint why, with everything going so right something just felt wrong. And then not long after, I picked up a book to read that I received as a part of a launch team to promote it, called ‘Your Best Year Ever,’ by Michael Hyatt. There I found my issue – several pages in – with what the book calls the Life Score Test.

The book is a goal setting book, so in order to help the readers see where they are doing a great job with setting goals and where they are doing a poor job with setting goals initially, they encourage them to take this test to see where they land across ten areas of goal setting: Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Marital, Parental, Social, Vocational, Avocational, and financial.

When I got my results, I laughed at first when I got to the last one. My results read:

Based on your score, I can tell that…

  • You’re experiencing success in multiple areas of life
  • You’re proficient at setting clear goals ( that’s what helped you get where you are today)
  • You’re spending a majority of your time focused on getting ahead at work, but may have neglected fun and rejuvenating pastimes

I thought, who has time for fun and rejuvenation? Are you serious? I’m reading a book about setting goals and getting ahead and this is the area where I’m lacking. Who sets goals for fun?!

Then it hit me… fun was what was missing. Everything suddenly made sense. There is a reason we say the cliche statement, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The key to staying sharp, energetic, and excited about vocational and other passions is to have some avocational, recreational ones. Light bulbs went off. Horns sounded. Eureka!! This is what I was searching for.

So here it is — 2018. When people ask me what my goals are for this year, how I want to grow as a person to continue stretching and expanding as a mom and as a ministry leader to take new ground, my answer is, “I am going to schedule time for fun this year.”

I am where God wants me to be. I am doing what he has called and created me to do. His promises are unfolding before my very eyes. He is faithful! Now I have the wisdom to walk this out in a well rounded way that will be sustainable.  So, in addition to my other goals, I’m going to set some fun goals this year.  A fun bucket list for 2018, so to speak. I’ve already got the ball rolling. I’m also going to put some boundaries on my “me-time”, fun time, and time spent with family and friends – it’s okay to not be on call to whomever needs us all the time. It’s ok to let texts go when you are out enjoying life. You can respond later. It’s ok to let calls go to voicemail and get back to people. Fun space needs to be sacred and protected.

One of the most fun things to see in just the short time since my eyes were opened, is that my friends are totally on board! My goal to incorporate and schedule more time into my life, bleeds over to their lives. People are making plans to join me on this fun journey.

So here’s to a fun 2018! I am more excited about this year in every way, and the flames of passion for my areas of purpose are already being rekindled as I fix my eyes on being well rounded, rather than having tunnel vision on my other dreams and goals at the expense of this one.