The name Jacob meant “deceiver.” God changed his name to Israel, which means “El (God) fights.” That meant he went from being called one who tries to take things on his own not meant for him, to one who lived surrendered and let God fight his battles for him.

In the same way, Isaiah 62:2 tells us God gives us a new name. Like Jacob, the names God gives us often counters the lies we’ve believed or others have spoken over us.

For example, for me, I struggled with fear for many years. One new name God has given me is “Fierce Warrior”. Rejection has marked much of my life, yet he calls me “Beloved Daughter.” What new name has God give you? If you don’t know yet, that’s ok! If that’s you, I encourage you to carve out some time with God. Ask him. Have a pen ready and write down the words that flood your heart in response. Give him a chance to show you who he sees you as; who he created you to be!