One of the hardest relational dynamics to deal with is that of the manipulative controller. So often they have a way of exerting their will, their wants, their desires in a way that seems to cast a spell over others. Tantrums, putting others down, threatening to walk away, are just some of their tactics. 
When it comes to raising my kids, I take moments to teach them when their leadership strengths, words, and strong wills cross the line into attempts to control or manipulate. As their mom I tell them I’ve failed to train them well if I allow their strengths to go the wrong direction. I also want them to know the signs in order to be aware of friends in their lives who treat them this way. Just last year, Kylie had to walk away from a friend, who turned bully on her and toyed with her emotions. 
In the same way, we need to be wise in dealing with adult controllers in our world. Healthy boundaries and calling their bluff are ways to help them see their tactics as unhealthy so they can grow or so we can put space there if they refuse to change. How we address it is on us, how they handle it is on them. 
Praying for you moms and dads today to have wisdom in shaping your future leaders, and for all reading this to have strength to stand firm against attempts to control, knowing your worth. You are worth being treated with respect. You are worth having healthy relationships!


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