Run Free into 2017

It only takes a little bit of debris to cloud the waters of a flowing stream. In the same way, carrying pain forward clouds perspective and joy; it murkies the waters of your heart. 

As you look ahead to 2017, and the beautiful, victorious, long awaited things God has in store–determine to leave behind anything that could rob you of the thrill of it. Perhaps the journey to the impending God victories was rocky and came at the expense of great pain & suffering. Perhaps some of your questions about your experiences may not get answered this side of Heaven, even as you see God deliver you and shower you with his favor. But God is big enough to carry your murky so you can flow in the clear fullness of who he is and his gifts on your life. 
With the new year looming, believe there are wonderful things ahead. Set out to walk forward into them in wholeness, with a pure and undivided heart and a mind at peace! For God’s victories and blessings warrant your full praise and wholehearted yes that flows from a heart that runs free in him.


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