Let Adoration Overflow

When Jesus came, He wasn’t the leader people expected. He wasn’t a valiant warrior riding in on a white horse. He wasn’t from noble birth. He was born in a stinky, animal laden stable. They laid him in a manger. 
He came in the simplest way yet his coming was heralded by the highest Heavens. I can’t help but wonder would I have been captivated then as I am now by this precious gift? Would I bow down and worship at his tiny little baby feet like we see in our nativity scenes? 

That God chose to enter our mess in such a lowly way, speaks of his love. 

Jesus, help us internalize these things and worship you. Help us adore you as you adored us when you came that day. As you adored us when you took our sin on the cross. Help us guide our families in adoring you. Let adoration overflow. Fill us with your love and let love overflow. Thank you for this gift. This blessing. This moment. This love. Amen


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