Secrets & Revelations

I read through the Bible every year. There are books I love, books I dread(hello Leviticus), and books that I don’t anticipate getting as much out of after reading several times already. Deuteronomy is one of those books I just thought I’d read through and check off my list. I’m reminded with this years reading that The Bible is always full of surprises. It’s living and active. That means God bring fresh revelation at any point from even the most unexpected places. Like this verse.. It jumped off the page to me today. It’s saying God reveals to us with expectancy that we will act on that revelation in response. And not only does he expect us to act, he holds us accountable for what he’s revealed. 
That means, when he brings someone to mind or gives us a dream about them, we need to seek the Holy Spirit to determine what to do with that information. He may lead us to just pray, or reach out.
That means when he’s opened our eyes to an injustice we have the power to make right, he expects us to respond.
That means when he gives us a promise he holds us accountable to stand firm and believe he will deliver.
That means when he provides direction and guidance, he holds us accountable to follow it.
So here I am again this morning, as I’ve been though out this years reading of this book of preparation, readying God’s people to enter the promised land — camping out and relishing the wisdom found in this most unexpected place! 


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