Prayer Paves the way for Love

Has God ever called you to love someone, that in all honesty you just didn’t want to love? He is audacious enough to do that! In fact, it’s not a once in a while request, it’s an all the time mandate. Jesus commanded us to love one another. In Matthew 5:46, he said, “if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?”

God calls us higher. He calls us to more. He calls us to love differently than the world loves. He says we can have extravagant God given gifts, but without love they mean nothing. He calls us to love, as he loves us – with forgiveness, compassion, mercy and with out condition.

Yes, there’s wisdom in healthy boundaries. But there’s no wavering in His call to love.

Today, if you are struggling to love the difficult, the undeserving, the marginalized, the lost, the broken, your frenemies, or your enemies –may I encourage you to pave the way through prayer? Commit to praying for everyone this post has brought to your mind, daily. Pray blessings, health, favor and prosperity over them. And as you do, you will find your heart soften toward them, preparing the way for love.


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  1. Vernon

    Hi Amy,

    This is good. This post help me realize just how demanding God’s standard of righteous living is.
    The bible tells us to love our enemies and praying for them is showing love.
    Thanks for the help,

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