Here’s to 2016!

As this year ends we face the new beginning that is 2016. Thoughts swirl in my mind as I ponder this, as well as all that was 2015. For our family, this year was crazy; storms raged. And yet I don’t find myself cheering it’s demise. In the midst of it all, God was there. In the midst of it all, His goodness stood. And in the midst of crazy, there was also wonderful. How then could I curse this year or lament its happenings? Through it all, God was, God is & He forever will be. My heart is grateful and so at peace.

2016 marks another chapter in a journey of staying surrendered to God’s will. I look forward to it expectantly, knowing God is already in every day that awaits – He has victories, breakthroughs and the unfolding of long awaited promises in store. I believe this year will be a year of increase, favor and expansion. 

My prayer for 2016 is to stay tapped into the strength of Christ. May his strength empower me to believe God more, lead like Jesus, and love bigger those in my world, even those who least deserve it. May I honor Him with my gifts, talents and blessings, and may I remember with every open door and opportunity that comes my way — the only way I can glorify God in it is to do it through the strength Christ provides, his way, according to his will. 

Here’s to a great 2016! #Emerge #AriseAndShine #loveliveleadlikejesus


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  1. Daphne S

    Amen! Happy New Year#


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