Beloved, Beautiful, Loved Daughter

Beloved Beautiful Loved DaughterI wrote this post several years ago and just found it sitting in my drafts. I am posting it for you to read and hope you enjoy it and it speaks to your heart!–Amy


Typically, my time with God each morning ends with me writing out my prayers in my journal. However, a few days ago, I felt lead to spend my prayer time a little differently. On this particular morning, instead of me pouring out my words to Him, I put on my worship music and asked God to speak His words to my heart. As I sat there, pen in hand and journal waiting, His words to me began to flow. As I wrote one word down, another would come, and another, until the words stopped and then a sweet message poured out – a love poem from the Father to His Daughter.

I am normally very private with my quiet time moments with God, but this message and these words spoken to me represent what I believe is his heart for each of his girls. He is so faithful to redeem and restore our lives, our hurts, and our broken dreams – to love us back to a place of wholeness in Him.  And so today, I would like to share these sweet words with you, and I hope they will minister to your heart in ways that only God’s love can…..

God first whispered these words to me, “I love you. My Daughter. Princess. Queen. Redeemed. Restored. Full of Hope. Springs of Peace. Righteous. Whole. Pure. Devoted. Loved Beyond Measure. Breath of Fresh Air. Wellsprings of Life. Restorer of Order. Shield. Called. Passionate. I am yours. You are mine.”

Then He poured out this sweet poem:



Loved Daughter.

I am sorry for your hurts.

I am sorry for your pain.

I was there

In your midst;

Holding You,

Rocking You,

Cradling You,

Whispering to You,

Devoted Daughter.

In your sorrow,

I brought joy.

In your anguish,

I brought strength.

In your despair,

I called your name.

I am Yours;

You are mine.



Loved Daughter.

I pray these words will minister to your heart today and remind you, you are loved.

Amy O’Donnell


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