Three is a Crowd…. Or is it?

20140804-101843-37123531.jpgI laced my shoes begrudgingly as I thought of my morning run. I didn’t want to go. Some mornings it’s easy to find the motivation, but this past Saturday, I just didn’t have it. After the decision to go get the exercise I knew my body needed won the internal struggle going on in my mind, I stopped cold when my youngest chirpingly called out as I headed toward the door, “Can I come with you?”

I have always thought of running as “me time.” I don’t think there’s ever been a time I’ve gone for a jog and not been happy I did. Whether I feel like going or not, once my feet hit the pavement and the sun, wind, rain or cool breeze touches my skin, I’m in. I put a good playlist on and I get caught up in my thoughts, prayers or just singing along with my tunes. That’s my workout flow. Having a tag along can be fun, but it’s a big change of pace generally. I have to unplug and stay tuned in. It’s no longer just me time, it’s our time.

And on this particular morning to say I was grumbling on the inside in response, is an understatement. I just wanted to get out the door and back and be done. With her persistence I gave in and then felt compelled to ask my youngest son if he too wanted to come along, as we were the only ones awake at that point of the morning, and of course, he said yes! Somewhere between our conversation point and the garage door where I was headed to get out their bikes so they could make the distance and keep up with me, I had a change of heart. I thought, why do I always have to do the same thing? Maybe what I need this morning is a change of pace. Something different. With people I love spending time with. They were beyond excited when I said, “Why don’t we all go for a bike ride?”

As I flew down the hill by our house toward the trail, with the wind whipping through  my hair and the speed exhilarating my heart I knew I’d made the right choice. I felt like a kid again. We rode for over an hour. We passed corn fields, bubbling brooks, soccer players and other bicyclists and runners. We even tried our skills on the new skate/BMX park. What a treasured time we had together!

It was a great reminder that sometimes it’s good to change things up and do something out of the ordinary. We don’t always have to do the same things the same way! If the opportunity presents itself for you to break out of your mold and try something new, I hope you’ll go for it! You may find just as I did, the adventure was totally worth it.

Amy O’Donnell


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  1. debserrano

    This is a reread for me today. So good & reminder for me that change is good & I don’t have to do everything the same way on the same day! Thx Amy


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