On Turning 40…

fierce, fab and fortyI can barely remember turning twenty. I do remember it’s the year I met my husband, rededicated my life to Jesus and made some great friends who are still in my life today.

At thirty, I was already a mom of three. I was good with turning thirty. I thought maybe now people will stop calling me cute, and sweety, and see me for the fierce lioness chick I really am…. I felt older at thirty, like somehow I had arrived at womanhood and was no longer a girl.

Thirty-five was rough. I felt like I should’ve been more accomplished by that time. I wondered, have I wasted my time… have I done enough… and I compared myself with the success of my Father and felt somehow I wasn’t good enough at thirty-five, unless I was more in line with what he had accomplished by then. That was a heartbreaking mess of a birthday season.

Now here I am — facing forty head on. Even as I write this, my heart is so touched by how I feel going into this next milestone birthday. I am just so thankful. I feel so blessed by God and man, so favored, so covered by His grace that it seems almost unfair. I marvel at it all sometimes. (Hold on.. Kylie just came in to sing me happy birthday…)

OK, I’m back – and in more tears. As I told her, they are happy tears. I’m just so thankful. No, it’s not for the reason she assumed… That I’m thankful I lived this long to make it to forty… (LOL!) —  It’s because of her and my boys, and David and so many other people who are a part of my life, and for who God is in my life and all He has done.

With that in mind, I wanted to pass on to you just a few things I have learned up til now that I will carry with me moving forward to this next season:

  • God is faithful. The end.
  • If God has put a dream in my heart I will hold on to that dream and pursue that dream until he changes my mind, tells me otherwise, or brings it to pass – no matter what people say around me. Because of this, I have my daughter, and a few other treasured dreams come true in my life.
  • God is able. There truly is nothing my God can not do. He opens doors no man can shut and he shuts doors no man can open. Impossible is not a word in his vocabulary.
  • God’s love never fails. It’s all-consuming. It’s enough.
  • It is possible to both be content and thankful and still dream big dreams.
  • It needs to happen God’s way and in God’s timing – otherwise we just get in our own way.
  • God makes what has gone wrong in our worlds right again. A word he just spoke to me recently in my time with him reminded me of this – Restitution. God is about restoring and bringing restitution for everything that’s been lost or stolen from us in our lives. We can count on it.
  • It’s not the end until God says it’s the end.
  • If God is for you it doesn’t matter who’s against you.
  • It’s good to write down your dreams and look back to see how God has moved – I’ve done this for years. I wonder, if I didn’t write them all down, would they still have come to pass? Only God knows.
  • My voice matters. God has given each of us a voice and a level of influence. We need to find creative ways to use it to touch the world with his love.
  • Always follow peace
  • Above all else guard your heart, for all you do flows from it. And be wise who you let in, what you share with whom, and stay tuned in to those little warning signals and red flags.
  • Prayer moves mountains, gives us a chance to hear from God, and changes our hearts
  • Stay at your post. Stand Firm. Faithfulness matters. And God honors faithfulness.
  • Serving others is key
  • Give yourself and others the same grace God has given us
  • Don’t hold on too tightly – everything we have is God’s
  • Sometimes you have to let go to hold on and sometimes you have to let go to grab hold of what’s next
  • The only opinion that matters about you is God’s – don’t waste precious time worrying about what others think. Freedom comes when you grasp this.
  • We are far better off trusting God to fight our battles than taking matters in our own hands
  • Always honor – honor up, honor down, honor across.
  • Never, ever give up
  • You don’t have to always be right. Sometimes we can be very wrong in our right-ness, and sometimes the battles just aren’t worth fighting
  • Choose your battles wisely
  • Most battles are won through prayer
  • Those who put their hope in God will never be brought to shame
  • The best is yet to come
  • According to my already 40 and over friends, sex is still good after forty. Yes, I was concerned about this. Thank God I have people to ask.
  • When you are 5 ‘ 3″ people are always going to call you cute and sweety. Buy a big car, it helps.

I truly believe this is just the beginning – the best is yet to come for my life. God has so much more in store. As I am already so thankful, I can’t help but look ahead with great joy and expectancy to all that is still in store. So here’s to 40! Bring it on!



  1. Lynn Marie Cherry

    Great post Amy! I love the lesson about living in the tension of contentment and dreaming. That’s a tough one! Happy Birthday my friend!


  2. Amy O'Donnell

    Thank you Lynn! I appreciate your feedback. Love you!


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