Hit the Brakes… It’s a detour day!


Here it is, a blustery 54 degree early April morning. My youngest son is home sick with the stomach bug that has been sweeping through our house. My plans are thrown. My thoughts of getting up and out to run my errands, and cross off my tasks and to-do’s – dashed. Isn’t that how it is with motherhood? Blessed are the flexible, should be our motto!

Yet again, I am reminded great treasure can be found in these unexpected, unpreventable change of plan moments. My much-needed quiet time stretched longer and was filled with the sweet loving presence of God. I am wrapped in a warm, toasty blanket savoring one more cool morning before the Texas heat kicks in. My fire-place is a glow. My son is happily resting and enjoying a good movie, and allowing me to take care of Him a little more than he would, were he feeling better. And the damp, rainy aftermath of last night’s storms lingers over the views from every window. It’s a God kiss morning… full of unexpected glimpses of him.

God is good. I have learned to expect him to show up in the unexpected, to wow me with the wonder of His presence in the most surprising and loving ways! Even in life’s detours, He is there. What needs to get done, will still get done. But in this moment, I am going to treasure every opportunity to soak Him in…

Praying for you today – If life throws a detour your way, that you will look up and find God in the midst of it all; showering you with His love and enabling you to find joy in the moment.


Amy O’Donnell


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  1. Barbara O'D

    So wise of you to recognize the gifts from God.


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