The God Who Sees Me

Imagine sitting at home, head slumped, tears flowing down onto your Bible, onto the very pages where the word of God comes alive; chock full of real life examples and His own promises to work all things out for good. Imagine sitting there feeling like your dreams are a million miles away and your heart smashed into pieces, wondering if God’s truths and His plans will come to pass for your life….

This picture is not hard for me to imagine. In fact, I found myself there not so long ago – crying my heart out to God and asking Him, “What now? How are you going to work this one out? Where am I supposed to go from here?” I remember sitting with tears flowing down my cheeks, making little sounds as they splashed onto the pages of my open Bible as I poured my heart out to God. After I prayed, I implored God to respond, not sure if I would hear anything in return. After a few minutes of listening, I heard these words break through my inner silence and blow across my heart, “I am the God who sees you, I am the God who heals you, and behold – I am doing a new thing.” I soon came to discover God had responded by reminding me simply, who HE is. He had given me two of His names. The first, El Roi – I am the God who sees you, and the second, Jehovah Rophi – I am the God who heals you. Lastly, the promise that He would do a new thing came straight out of Isaiah 43.

My heart leapt for joy as I remembered God always sees and knows what’s going on in my world and in my heart, and He desires to heal and redeem my hurts. And the same is true for you. God sees what is going on in your world. He sees your hurts – past and present, and He wants to heal you and do a new thing in your life. Part of His making things new, comes as we lay down those things that brought us to Him in a place of brokenness in the first place. The message version of Isaiah 43:19 says, “Don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new….”

Isn’t it wonderful to know God always sees, wants to heal and make us new! My prayer for you today is that you will bring your hurts to God, lay them at his feet and let Him speak to your heart. Then leave them there and look forward with expectancy to the new things He wants to do! The best is yet to come – Keep your eyes on Him!

For Discussion: Share a time in your life when God reminded you of His faithfulness. How did He speak to your heart? How did He make things new?

© 2012 by Amy O’Donnell. All rights reserved.

(As Published in the July 2012 Shoreline E-Newsletter)


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