Always Within Arms Reach

This past March, over Spring Break, our family went to visit my brother and his family in Orlando, Florida. One thing we love to do while we visit, is hit the beautiful Florida beaches. We tend to gravitate to the surfer beaches with the largest waves, because our kids love to boogie board and try their skill at skim boarding.

The first day we hit New Smyrna Beach, which was pretty uneventful, and the second day we went to Cocoa Beach. After we got settled, David and Russel headed out into the water with the boards, while the other three kids went to work building a sand castle near our set up, and I lounged on my towel reading a great book. There I was enjoying my picture perfect, simply wonderful, restful moment, when I had a sense to look up at the water. When I did I saw David with his arm around a young girl – probably 18 – walking her to shore, almost carrying her, while blood ran down her face.

Jumping into crisis mode, I jumped up, grabbed towels, ice and a chair, and helped her sit down so I could take a look at her head. It took only a quick look at the gash on her forehead to see she would need stitches. So we called beach patrol and EMS, sat with her until they arrived and then sent her on her way.

As the story unfolded after she left, David shared that she had been surfing in the water with her friends, when a wave slammed her into the ground and her board popped back up nailing her in the forehead. David “just happened” to be right there, near enough to see the whole thing happen and come to her rescue. He reached down, pulled her up and led her to shore.

It reminded me of how God is always near and ready to come to our rescue when we need it. When life happens unexpectedly, when we hit bottom, when we can’t seem to see which way is up, when we get bumps and bruises – he is right by our side to pick us up and lead us through just as it says in Isaiah 41:13, “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

If you are struggling in any area today, I want to remind you God is right there, by your side, reaching down to take you by the hand and help you. What a beautiful picture of God’s amazing love.


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