Praise & Worship by Brendan O’Donnell

I’m here to tell you that Jesus died on the cross. Now I already know that you know this, but here is one thing I’d like to ask you, do you act like you know him?

One way we can act like we know Him, is to honor Him. There are plenty of ways we can honor him. This is the one I would like to talk about today: Praise and worship. As I said, Jesus died on the cross, and He did it just for you and me. He took away our sins, so let’s bless him for that. He also gave us eternal life, so we could be with Him forever. This is the main reason why God created us, so we could praise Him.

He gave us life, so let’s give Him praise. He gave us eternal life to be with Him forever, so let’s give him praise. He gave us The Bible for our instructions, so let’s give Him praise. He gave us prayer so we could talk to Him, so let’s give Him praise. He gave us guardian angels to protect us from evil, so let’s give Him praise. He loves us eternally, so let’s give Him praise. I could keep going on and on, because He gave us everything we have. So, at church, at home and anywhere else –let’s praise Him. Praise and worship is more than singing songs at church. It’s also a lifestyle of love from the heart. So, we can praise Him anywhere.

So let’s give God our love – it could be dancing, or singing, or surrendering to Him, so let’s respond to His love with the love we have for Him. Now, who cares if our friends aren’t worshiping Him, does that mean we shouldn’t? No, it means we should set the example.

Brendan O’Donnell 10 years old


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