Bridge the Gap

Scared. Lonely. I can’t imagine how Saul must have felt when he was sent by God to join the Christians and preach the gospel. He watched Stephen’s stoning. He went house to house dragging Christians to prison. Christianity had been the enemy, and now he was called to be a part of the team. Talk about a complete 180!

And it is understandable that those he persecuted would be a little hesitant to accept Saul. They were afraid of him and didn’t trust him. That is, until one man, Barnabas, stepped in to bridge the gap. Acts 9:27-28 says, “Then Barnabas took him under his wing. He introduced him to the apostles and stood up for him, told them how Saul had seen and spoken to the Master on the Damascus Road and how in Damascus itself he had laid his life on the line with his bold preaching in Jesus’ name. After that he was accepted as one of them, going in and out of Jerusalem with no questions asked, uninhibited as he preached in the Master’s name.”

I can’t help but wonder, if God brought someone with a tough past into my world and called them to lead and serve in a major way, would I be a Barnabas? I would like to think I would be someone who would stand alone for another; helping to open the door to God’s call on their life and bridge any gaps to key relationships…someone who would:

B – Be willing to accept new people God sends to the team

R – Reach out to them and take them under my wing

I – Introduce them around

D – Defend them when needed

G – Give encouragement

E – Exhibit grace based leadership

How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this story, as well as stories of people who have been bridge builders for you in your journey.

Copyright © 2010 by Amy O’Donnell. All Rights Reserved.


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